Day 3:

My day today was quite boring, so I think I’ll talk about Saturday instead. 

I woke up early that morning and got ready to head out to the S.I.N. Tour in Atlanta. Me, Catherine, and Alisa got to the Loft around 3pm and waited outside until 3:45. Then someone came out, got us, and brought us in to the sound check for D.R.U.G.S. they were messing around on their instruments and Craig then said they were having a “jam session.” He then talked a little bit about why they were doing a VIP meet and greet/sound check and how he wanted to give the fans a chance to see how they warm up and do their thing. They then played My Swagger Has a First Name and Graveyard Dancing, I think. And when they finished we formed a line and started the meet and greet.  When it was my turn I handed Matt my laminate and we small talked while he signed it. Then I moved on to Tai and he commented on my poptab bracelet and said it was really cool. I then handed my laminate to Craig and he looked at me and said “Hi!” He was so enthusiastic and before I could say anything they told me to stand still so that I could get my picture taken. Then I turned to Nick and gave him my laminate and asked him to right “duckbutter” on it. He looked at me and said, “duckbutter?” So I told him how every time I saw him I would get him to write “duckbutter.” He was like “Oh yeah!” And he proceeded to write it. While he was writing, Craig grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. He looked me right in the eyes and said, “It’s really nice to meet you.” Then I was rushed and I barely had time to talk and I gave Aaron my laminate and we also small talked. Then they made us wait outside. When it was time to go in, we ran upstairs and I was in the very front. I was literally standing in front of the stage with no barrier, it was awesome. The bands all played and then D.R.U.G.S. came on a destroyed the show. It was so intense. I had my hands on the speakers that the members liked to step on and whenever Craig came to stand on it, he always looked to make sure he didn’t step on my fingers. During the show, I was screaming my heart out and releasing all the anger and frustrations from my soul. Aaron looked at me a couple times because I was just going crazy. During one of the songs Nick pointed at me and smiled. When they finished, the crowd began to thin and Aaron came out with his guitar sticks and he started walking to the opposite of the stage away from me. Right as he was about to throw them out, I scream “Aaron!!” and he looked right at me, smiled, and tossed me the stick. I died. It was an overall great day and I look forward to the other D.R.U.G.S. concerts to come.

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